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Protect Your Truck From the Elements With a Spray-On Bedliner

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When you purchase a vehicle, you probably want to have it look its best for as long as possible. You take it to the car wash and get it waxed. You keep the inside as clean as you can. You relish that new car smell. But as time progresses, that cleanliness of the car may not be so much of a priority. Soon there's dirt on the outside and the inside...well, it can probably use a good cleaning.

This process can definitely speed up when you don't have a place to house your vehicle. The outdoors will wreck havoc on any beloved car or truck. Bugs will splatter on your windshield as you speed down the highway. Mud will cake to your tires if you go off-roading. With the changing of the seasons, you may see pollen begin to build up on your hood. And of course, the occasional bird droppings may appear on your roof.

If you're a truck owner, you may be concerned about what the bed of your vehicle. If you don't have a bedliner, the outdoors can certainly cause damage to your truck bed. Scrapes and water damage can cause rust to form. And once rust sets in, your truck is in trouble. It can spread, fast. And soon your beloved truck will become dust.

So you get a spray-on bedliner. And now you don't have to worry about the elements any longer.

How a Spray-On Bedliner Can Protect Your Truck

We've discussed before the benefits of spray-on bedliners. These coatings are waterproof, impact resistant, and look great. So how can this help prevent damage from the elements?

Let's say you live in part of the country that gets a lot of rain. When it rains, the paint on your vehicle will allow that water to flow to the corners of your bed. Over time, this water is absorbed by the paint and gets into the steel beneath. And what happens after that? That's right, rust and corrosion.

But with a spray-on bedliner, you won't have to worry about that happening. The chemicals used in the bedliner are water resistant. So instead of water seeping into the metal, it will repel the water and just sit harmlessly on top of the bedliner.

Now let's talk about hail and the wind. On particularly windy days, dirt and debris can fly around and get into your truck bed. This force of the impact could scratch or even dent your truck bed. But, if you have a spray-on bedliner, the debris and even golf ball-size hail will bounce harmlessly off your truck bed. No worries of damage here!

The sun and heat can really cause some damage to your vehicle's paint. The constant sun and hot days can oxidate your paint job, causing it to fade and making your vehicle look old before its time. But the best part about a spray-on bedliner is that it has UV protection. There's no worry of fading or discoloring -- in fact, your truck bed will probably still look new long after the rest of the vehicle doesn't!

So if you need to protect your truck's bed, you should consider an Armadillo Liner from Marvel Industrial Coatings. Call your nearest dealer today or contact us for more information.