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Beauty and the Beast: The Dual Purpose of a Spray-in Bedliner

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Maybe you don't use your pickup truck as a workhorse. Maybe you just bought it because you just like driving trucks. You don't care if the bed of the truck is impact resistant or waterproof. You just want a bedliner that looks good and lasts a long time.

And that's why you should get a spray-in bedliner for your vehicle! Here are a few reasons why.


Yes, we've explained the many benefits of having a spray-in bedliner. Unlike a drop-in bedliner, the spray-on option can protect your truck from any bumps or scrapes that could happen through daily use. Not only that but a spray-on liner is waterproof. By preventing water from seeping into the bed of your truck, you can stop rust and corrosion from forming. This will extend the life your truck so it will be good to go for years.

And you won't have to worry about replacing the liner a few years down the road. Our liners are tough yet flexible. They breathe with the changes in temperature -- it expands in the summer heat and contrasts in the cold winter months. So there won't be any cracks or splits. It's a second skin for your truck bed!

The Right Color

It's important to have the right color scheme for your vehicle. You want the color of your truck's bed to match the rest of the vehicle, right? Well, you're not going to get the color of your dreams with a drop-in liner. They usually come in only a few colors. But with a spray-on bedliner, you have a wide array of colors to choose from. What to have a red bed with a black truck? You can do that with an Armadillo Liner easily!

And you won't have to worry about the color fading away. The color will stay just as bright and vivid a few years down the road as the day it was sprayed on. Even with your truck in constant direct sunlight, your bedliner will not yellow or fade away.

Easy to Maintain

Who doesn't like getting their truck dirty? That's one of the joys of owning one! But dirt has a sneaky way of causing havoc to your vehicle. It can leave scrapes and damage the integrity of your truck bed. And, of course, make your truck look awful.

But a spray-in bedliner is easy to clean. All you have to do is spray it down and it's ready to go play in the mud again!

Resale Value

But what if a few years go by and you decide it's time for a new truck. Will a spray-on bedliner help with the resale? You bet it will! With a spray-in bedliner, you should see an extra $50 to $100 going into your pocket.

So if you want to protect your vehicle and keep it looking great, the best solution is to get an Armadillo Liner from Marvel Industrial Coatings. Give us a call or click here to find out where the closest dealer is to you.