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Can You Actually Replace a Factory Bedliner with a Spray-on?

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Your truck is already equipped with a factory bedliner. However, the truth is that you might not like it. You may already be sold on the viability of spray-on bedliners. Notwithstanding, you might need some clarity concerning the mechanics behind the process.

First, what type of vehicles come with factory bedliners? In our experience, the answer varies. Ford has them in many of their F-150s. GM includes bedliners as standard equipment in some of its SUVs and pickups. Many work trucks also come equipped with factory bedliners.

We’ve already told you that not all bedliners are created alike. For example, you could encounter issues with drop-in bedliners. For more on this topic, you should take a look at this article. The fact is that some factory bedliners are drop-ins. They might seem like an inexpensive add-on from the factory. However, the fact that they aren’t as durable as spray-ons could be problematic.

Removing Factory Bedliners

You’ve made the decision to replace the bedliner that came with your truck. You already know the advantages of a spray-on. You are thrilled that your vehicle will be protected with a hard protective shell. You won’t have to worry about water getting trapped between the plastic insert and the bed. You love that the bedliner will appear shiny and color match your truck. In fact, an Armadillo Liner seems to fit the bill.

All things considered, your next concern should be about removing the factory bedliner insert. How does that process work exactly?

Drop-In Liners

It might seem tricky at first. In some pickups, the bedliner appears to go under the bedrail caps. It might look like an impossible feat to remove the bedliner. Your temptation may be to get rid of the bedrail caps.

When you are going through this process, it makes sense to seek expert advice. In some cases, the best way of removing a drop-in bedliner is to first release the factory tie downs. Once that’s done, you should move over to the center of the liner at the back of the bed. This will enable you to bend up and force the sides down. With some careful maneuvering, you can edge the insert out.

Spray-On Liners

At the same time, you may have issues with a factory spray-on liner. Maybe you don’t feel it was properly color matched. Perhaps you are working on updating an older vehicle and have concerns. It could be that you are not happy with some fading or staining.

The process for removing an existing spray-on liner is a bit more complex. You may want to reserve the job for an expert. The removal includes chemical stripping, grinding and more. It also requires attention to safety considerations.

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