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Boating Made Easier With a Marvel Polyurea Coating

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Have you ever seen that infomercial for late at night for Flex Seal? The commercial describes all the benefits of the product, which is essentially liquid rubber in a can. One of the benefits Flex Seal claims it can do is seal up cracks on a boat. The spokesman placed a screen door at the bottom of a rowboat, sprayed it with Flex Seal, and then sailed away.

Of course, Consumer Reports has found Flex Seal is not the most reliable of products, but you know what product can protect your boat from debris and damage? A polyurea coating from Marvel Coatings!

Yes, the same protective coatings you can put on your truck beds, flooring, and containment structures can also protect your boat from the rough seas. Our boat coatings act as a shield to prevent any damage from occurring. It is scratch and impact resistant, saving your boat and your wallet. It can mean the difference between salvaging your boat or losing it entirely.

The longer a boat is in the water, the more it ages and deteriorates. Cracks begin to form, creating leaks. Rust and corrosion can form. The color can fade with exposure to the elements. And any wood on the boat will rot away. But if you have a protective coating over the boat, all these worries will fade away.

Polyurea boat coatings can a protect boats in many ways. Here's how:

  • UV-Protected: Our products are protected from the sun's harmful rays. This means the color will never fade, even if your boat is in direct sunlight.

  • Waterproof: This is essential for any watercraft. You want a protective barrier that can keep the water away from creating damage. Our spray-on polyurea coatings can get into all those little cracks and crevasses to seal them up and prevent any more leaks from occurring.

  • Light and Flexible: Weight is important for boats. Too much and it can weigh the boat down. But with Marvel's boat coatings, you don't have to worry much about any extra weight being added to your ship. Not only is our coating light, but it's flexible. This means it can expand with the boat's material in those sweltering days and contract in the frigid nights.

  • Resistant to Most Everything!: We already mentioned that our coatings resist water, rust, and corrosion. It also resists impacts, germs, mildew, mold, and chemicals.

  • Strengthens as Well as Protects: Not only do our boat coatings protect your property from damage, but it can also strengthen your boat. When applied to your dock, it can protect any weather-related accidents. The wind is no match for a Marvel Coating product!

If you have a watercraft that needs some added protection, then you've come to the right place. Don't wait another second! Contact a Marvel Industrial Coatings dealer today for more information.