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How Automotive Coatings Can Increase Your Bottom Line

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Whether you’re selling new vehicles or fixing old ones, one thing is for certain.  The end goal is to increase your bottom line.  Have you considered adding automotive coatings to your offerings?  There are tons of reasons to consider doing so.

It’s always a good idea to expand your business. However, it’s understandable that you might be concerned about the costs involved. Candidly, the price of equipment and product is one consideration.  However, some automotive coatings vendors will also expect franchise fees. At Marvel Coatings, there are no franchise costs to become a dealer. We want our representatives to feel secure that their expenses are limited to superior product and equipment.

Add Automotive Coating to Your Current Business

Many dealerships have added spray-on liners as an option to new vehicle purchases.  In order to add this as an in-house option, you need the right equipment.  You will also need the confidence that the chemicals are combined and go on as intended.  The goal is to produce a bedliner that is durable, looks attractive, and will stay that way for years to come.

Of course, you could decide to send the work out and have the services performed elsewhere.  We could do the job for you.  However, taking on spray-on liners in your own shop adds dollars.  And, turns your spray-on liner business into a profit center.

You decide how many vehicles you can take on.  As an aftermarket accessory, spray-on liners have much more appeal than other types of bedliners.  There simply is no comparison.

Why is this so effective?  Polyurea coatings are industry recognized as working effectively as automotive coatings.  They are waterproof and provide a hard shell, making them impact resistant.   When you’re selling a new vehicle, you want the customer to feel their purchase will look fresh and will last for as long as possible.

It’s not just new vehicles that benefit from automotive coatings.  And, safeguarding measures can also be applied to other parts of the vehicle to ensure the ultimate in protection.   Consider the opportunities in these shops as well:

  • Auto body repair shops

  • Used car dealerships

  • Auto customization shops

  • Auto accessory stores

  • Paint and tint shops

In order to add automotive coatings to your business, you’ll need help learning the application.  This includes understanding safety requirements.  You’ll also benefit from marketing suggestions.  All of these are available as a matter of course.

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