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Marvel has the Primary Containment Protective Coating You're Looking For

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If you work in an industry that handles dangerous chemicals or wastewater or any other hazardous material, you want to make sure you have a secure primary containment structure. Not only does it have to be leak-proof, but needs to stand the test of time in any type of weather. And that's why a protective coating is essential for a primary containment structure. But what kind? There are so choices out there!

We've spoken before about how Marvel's protective coatings are ideal for secondary containment structures. And the same can be said about primary containment systems. These protective coatings work with any kind of material, be it concrete, metal, or plastic. They are flexible and they are water tight.

But what else can our primary containment protective coatings do? Here are a few things:

Resistant to corrosion: All it takes is a little water and corrosion can occur to many types of structure material. And once corrosion sets in, the material begins to deteriorate and then you'll have a serious problem. But with a Marvel coating, there are no worries about corrosion setting in. The polymers of our coatings act as a barrier and prevent corrosive materials and reactants from eating away at the structure. Instead, it harmlessly sits on top of the coatings, reducing your need for maintenance.

Stops leakage and water in its tracks: We've said it before – the older a material gets, the most likely it will fail. Age will create cracks and cracks allow leakage to occur. But not with our coatings! By spraying the waterproof coating on the outside, inside, or even both is a great way to fix these cracks from occurring, or even forming in the first place! And our coatings are NSF certified, which means they are specifically designed for a containment system that needs to hold and store portable water.

Preventing contamination: It's always an issue – cross-contamination or diluting a product, especially if the material has to move. But our coatings are easy to clean up and doesn't leach or absorb any other liquids. No cross-contamination here!

Not convinced yet? Still considering getting such a special paint or a rubber liner? Well, before you make that purchase, you should know what you're getting into. Buying these types of surface protectors are not cost effective in the long run. They don't last nearly as long as a polymer like a polyurea or polyurethane. This means a few years down the line, you'll have to replace the product, costing you money and the increasing the risk of failure.

Another thing about rubber lining or paint – they tend not to be waterproof. Instead of blocking the water, they absorb it which can lead to diluting your product. These surface protectors can also release some materials, which will cause contamination, exactly what you're trying to avoid. They aren't resistant to abrasions or corrosion. And there are weaknesses in these products that aggressive chemicals may exploit, causing it to fail.

If you are in the market of getting a primary containment protective coating for your industry, then Marvel Industrial Coatings has what you're looking for. Give us a call today to learn more about our products.