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Do You Know the Reasons Spray Foam is Effective in Warm Weather?

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Depending on where you live, you may not experience a change in seasons.  For some, cold weather is a primary reason to look into the properties of spray foam insulation.   For others, there is no concern about frigid temperatures.  So, how exactly is there a need for spray foam in warm weather?

Consider the cost of air conditioning.   In some parts of the country, it is used year round.  This interesting news article points out the states that experience a rise in temperature throughout many calendar months.  For example, thermostats in southern and central California rarely drop below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  In Hawaii, they almost never dip to less than 80 degrees.  Parts of Texas and Arizona stay hot year round.

Of course, air conditioning units work hard to keep temperatures pleasant and tolerable.   However, it only takes one electric bill to recognize increased expenses.

Northern parts of the country aren’t just burdened with high energy costs when thermostats dip.  They are also subject to larger bills when temperatures rise.   In those cases, spray foam insulation can have a double benefit.   Ask anyone in New Jersey or New York about their change in seasons.  One is not necessarily less expensive than the other.

Many contractors have the opportunity to don superhero capes.   Think of what it means to save costs and add to customer savings.

Spray Foam Insulation in Warm Weather

It’s not necessarily just about the price of energy.   If there is an issue with air seepage, it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.  Candidly, it’s reminiscent of the child who opens the car window while parents are running air conditioning.   It’s nearly impossible to cool the car as hot air overtakes it.  Not to mention, the cold air goes out in the wind.

The advantage of spray foam insulation is that it acts as a sealant.  Duct leakage is a common issue in HVAC systems.  Whether it’s used for residential or commercial properties, spray foam can serve as a deterrent to leakage issues.

In the meantime, spray foam insulation can do more.  Think of dormers and attic spaces.  By and large, they are the warmest part of every home.  The sun hits them the hardest.  Amazingly, spray foam insulation has a drastic impact on higher space.  It almost mirrors the temperatures on lower areas of living space.

Mold and mildew are common problems that become even uglier in warmer weather.  Spray foam insulation has waterproofing qualities.  The key is to fight moisture accumulation.   This is a definite benefit of spray foam.

We Can Help

At Marvel Coatings, we have listened to many testimonials concerning the benefits of spray foam insulation.  The stories are not just about lower utility costs or less stress on HVAC systems.  Spray foam is easily applied and can make its way into small crevices.   Our customers tell us that it has helped their clients concerned about the health risks associated with mold and mildew.

Need assistance?   Contact one of our technical representatives to learn how spray foam insulation can benefit your next project.