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This is What Happens When Your Truck Doesn't Have a Bedliner

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We’re not saying it’s inevitable. However, you may regret it if your truck doesn’t have a bedliner. And, it’s also important that you don’t choose just any kind of bedliner. You want one that will protect your investment, stand up to the elements, and look good for many years to come.

Last year, Forbes published an article about a TV commercial run by Chevrolet. The television spot was a comparison of a late model Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F-150. The title of the piece said something about Chevrolet literally poking holes in its competition’s pickup.

The commercial ran the results of a puncture test comparison of the vehicles. According to the automaker, the F-150’s aluminum structure was damaged in the experiment. The Silverado was made of steel and barely affected by the test. It all made sense until readers commented on the article.

Suggestions were made that the damages were unnecessary. They could have been avoided with a spray-on bedliner. Score one for systems like Armadillo liners. Commenters suggested that spray-on liners would have stopped any blemishes and punctures caused by vehicle abuse, no matter who manufactured the truck.

Bediners Add to Appearances

If you’re the owner of a pickup, you definitely take pride in your truck’s appearance and do everything you can to make sure it looks fantastic. However, accidents do happen -- and maybe one day you get a little too close to your garage wall and scrape the side of your truck. As we all know, normal paint can chip, become unsightly and cause issues with the structure of your vehicle. The advantage of a spray-on liner is that it adds sheen and color while protecting what's underneath that paint. Want to really enhance your truck? Consider going two-tone.

When it comes to resale, your pickup’s appearance will mean a great deal. A spray-on liner will enhance your chances of getting more money when you’re ready to move on.

Don’t Opt for Drop-In Liners

A drop-in liner is generally not a smart investment when it comes to bedliners. In some cases, it may be the same as having none at all. Drop-ins can crack and leave the risk for water seepage. Ultimately, you could face corrosion and rust beneath the liner.

Drop-in liners can also be noisy when they become loose. You don’t have to worry about any of these things with a spray-on liner.

Durability is Key to Bedliners

There’s no question that a truck bed without a bedliner could use some extra durability. The added protective coating is a scratch deterrent. Spray-on bedliners increase the life of truck beds. Durability is a must have if you need to load and upload from the back of a truck.

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