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Coatings as a Practical Solution to Manhole Rehabilitation

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There’s no question that manhole rehabilitation can be a challenging job.  When manholes crack and begin to leak, they create tremendous problems.  Coatings act as a practical solution to manhole rehabilitation.

Water leakage can come from a variety of places.  There’s the risk associated with stormwater from rain or melting snow and ice.  High groundwater is another potential problem.  Regardless of the source, the problem is that the water can get into the sewer system and create havoc. Obviously, it’s a situation that needs to be addressed, especially in a large city such as Houston.

Linings and Manhole Rehabilitation

Linings are considered an ideal solution in restoring manholes.  One of the advantages of having a polyurea lining is that they are cured right in place.  They can be molded to the shape of the existing structure.  The reconstruction adds to the structural integrity from the inside out.

In determining which linings will get the job done, it is important to speak with an industrial coating company that has experience with water and wastewater treatment facilities.  Obviously, corrosion protection is crucial.  Ask for referrals and information concerning the process itself.

More on Coatings for Manholes

Different components of polymer are considered excellent resources when it comes to manhole rehabilitation.   The properties of polyurethane and polyurea are highly regarded as it comes to corrosion prevention.  Of course, one of the biggest goals is to stop inflow and infiltration, also referred to as I&I.  This means finding a way to eliminate stormwater and other aqua sources from compromising the structure and entering into the system.

Why are polymer solutions such a practical solution?  A coating is just what it sounds like.  It adds a layer of protection to important structures and items.  Also, they are considered one of the best substances to combat both air and moisture.

When you are studying polymer coatings for manhole restoration, there can be issues that your contractor should address with you.  First, there should be concerns that a potential combination of solutions could let off gasses. It is important to determine that there will not be any dangerous chemical reactions from the material mixture.  This is a significant problem in new manhole structures.

There is also the issue of surface preparation.  Will the contractor take care of all necessary work or should those tasks be assigned to someone else?

Additionally, make sure you secure information regarding curing time.  How thick does the coating need to be applied?  Companies such as Marvel Coatings can supply you with this documentation.  They can also arrange the application to ensure that is done professionally and safely.

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