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What OEMs Need to Know About Protective Coatings

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There are a number of reasons that you might need protective coatings for your job. For example, some original equipment manufacturer (OEM) concerns recognize that high-quality protective coatings will combat corrosion and rust for the product the company is producing. They know that coating -- in particular, a polyurea coating -- will add a protective shield against air and moisture.

The term OEM is obviously all inclusive. An original equipment manufacturer can refer to several industries. Some also use the term to exclusively refer to makers of automotive parts. However, this is just one manufacturing concern. OEM really relates to any organization responsible for the design and assembly of a product. It’s no surprise that OEMs want to make sure the product is durable and has lasting properties. And the best way to do that is to have a protective coating.

The Benefits of Protective Coatings

Companies like Marvel Industrial Coatings use a polyurea solution for protective coating applications. Some OEMs are not sure where to start when exploring protective coatings. It is important to contact a company that offers both superior technical knowledge and product application. Although you might already recognize that protective coatings can help your job, you should become familiar with the benefits. We’ll quickly sum them up for you:

  • Waterproofing

  • Protection against scrapes

  • Withstands chipping

  • Increasing structural stability

  • Defense against chemical exposure

  • Improving appearance

  • Combats corrosion and rust

For many industries, application of any protective coatings will result in downtime. OEMs cannot afford to slow down production. The fact that polyurea solutions cure fast is another definite advantage.

Of course, protective coatings require a protocol concerning the proper application. There are issues concerning employee training, that safety measures are correctly used, and what can happen if an outside vendor is used to do the work. OEMs should ensure that they are guided by companies with experience in their industry.

When Your Job Calls for Protective Coating

You know when your job necessitates protective coating. Before your design reaches the next step, you want to ensure its longevity. You don’t want to worry about complaints that moisture or air have impacted the viability of your product. Otherwise, your company’s reputation could be at stake.

Customization is paramount when it comes to consultation regarding protective coating. This means working with a vendor that will make on-site recommendations. What if there are issues during the process? Know how the company you work with handles troubleshooting. And, make sure you know how the job will be done and in what timeframe.

At Marvel Coatings, it’s not just that we offer a superior product. Our dedicated staff can counsel you concerning your needs. Contact us to see what coating application is best for your job!