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Tips on Applying a Proper Polyurea Coating the First Time Around

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You decided that polyurea coatings are the right choice for a second containment system for your wastewater tank. Not only is the solution waterproof but is resistant to the elements. You decide that you can apply the coating yourself, even though you've never worked with these types of chemicals before.

But as you start spraying, you realize that something is wrong. The polyurea coating is not coming out evenly. And the coating doesn't seem to be sticking very well to the surface. What's going on? Is there a problem with the equipment?

This can happen quite often, especially if you've never used this product before. That's why we have technicians on staff available at any time of the day to help our customers get the right coating the first time around.

In order to help you get a consistent and effective coating on the first try, follow these steps:

  1. Preparation is everything. This is the biggest reason why the coatings fail. If you don't prepare the surface properly, then the coating is just not going to stick. Before you even prepare the equipment, take a look at the surface you're about to spray. Make sure it's clean of any oils, acids, salts, and other elements that could impact the coating. With a clean and smooth surface, you should have no trouble with your coating.

  2. Repair the damage. Before spraying, you should check to make sure that there are no cracks. Fill in any cracks, and make sure the concrete surface isn't damaged in any way. You may consider replacing any caulking sealants as well.

  3. Read the instructions. Yes, you may think this is obvious advice, but by following the instructions, there will be no chance of a bad coating. If the instructions are a little too vague or confusing, again we urge you to give our support team a call. You need to know the process before applying a polyurea coating. You may also want to check your equipment and materials to make sure everything is ready for the task ahead.

  4. Prep the area. First, you will want to install a primer on the surface. Then, make sure you bag off and mask the area to protect against any overspray. This includes any fixtures. You may want to use wire tape to get a clean-trimmed edge.

  5. Spray slowly and smoothly. A few things can happen when you're spraying such as over-spraying or issues with the spraying-off ratio. You want to keep aware of your surroundings when spraying. For instance, it's a windy day and you're working outside, you're going to want to spray against the wind. Make sure you're wearing the proper protective equipment when spraying into the wind because the applicator will be heavily exposed to over-spray. You should also check to make sure the solution is mixed properly before starting.

If you follow these steps then you should have no trouble at all with your polyurea coating. Remember, it's best to get the coating right the first time so it's extremely important you are prepared and know what you're doing. Let us help. Contact Marvel Industrial Coatings today to get more information on our products and services.