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Spray-On BedLiners are Not Equal. Here's Why.

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You just bought a brand new truck; it’s slick, shiny and perfect.  As with any large purchase, you want to protect your investment, especially your truck bed.  The spray-on bedliner is an obvious choice but there are so many options our there; how do you choose?  Money is tight, you don’t want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for just a brand name. So you choose the most convenient option: the manufacturer's spray-on bedliner.  You drive away and it looks great!

But after a couple of months, your bedliner isn't doing the job it's supposed to be doing. It's begun to peel and fade. You can easily scrape off little flakes of the bedliner. Water is starting to seep underneath the liner and you swear you can see some cracking. What happened? Aren't bedliners supposed to last and protect the truck, not damage it?

It's a fact: spray-on bedliners are not equal. You get what you pay for. If you choose a cheap option, you're going to get a cheap product. For instance, look at this factory spray-on bedliner that Armadillo Liners recently replaced.  Straight from the manufacturer:


There is a difference! You’d be surprised to learn that some major truck manufacturers use an off-brand spray-on bedliner chemical product for their truck beds.  The idea here is that consumers perceive to be receiving high-quality products simply because it comes straight from the manufacturer.  Reality can be deceiving.  The result from the picture above was a bedliner being peeled off within minutes and in only two pieces. Proper sanding methods or primer treatment were more than likely not used during the prep process and the chemical used created pinholes and a nonexistent adhesion to the surface.

When you're purchasing a product, cost and perception may play a major factor in your decision making. But you must consider how long that product will last. If you choose an off-brand bedliner because it's the most convenient option, then chances are you will be replacing that product sooner than later. We suggest you do a little research before choosing a spray-on bedliner and know what you're paying for.

When you are purchasing an Armadillo Liner, the benefits speak for themselves:

  • Our product has superior physical properties. It creates a hardened shell that is impact resistant and waterproof which eliminates the risk of rust and corrosion.

  • Body shops’ have been extremely busy with warranty issues created by factory sprayed-on bedliners from the manufacture.  Armadillo liner dealers across the country have been the go-to source for bedliner repair.  Look for auto/truck dealerships who spray Armadillo liners in-house; best option.

  • Armadillo Liner products have excellent UV stability. This means you can have your truck in direct sunlight every day and the color and texture will last longer than the competition.

  • Since our products are made with a more developed polyurea formulation, you don't have to worry about temperature changes. The chemical adapts in all kinds of weather, be it the frigid winter temperatures in New York or the blazing hot days in Nevada.

  • We offer a National Lifetime Warranty program. This means your Armadillo Liner will be protected for as long as you own your vehicle.  Locate a dealer in your area. 

For the applicators: When you're applying a spray-on bedliner, it is extremely important that you get it right the first time. You need to follow the right process and that means prepping the surface, applying an even coating, and making sure you trim and detail with proper care. Don't go with an inferior chemical product; you’ll end up seeing your bolts and tie downs sprayed and covered in the chemical. What you need is a high-quality chemical solution material that will form the best physical properties. This will translate into better adhesion, a crisp color that will last, and resistance to impact.

Remember, not all liners are created equal. There is a difference. Choose wisely.

If you are interested in getting an Armadillo Liner or are interested in becoming an applicator or need to locate a dealer, contact Marvel Industrial Coatings today.