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What are the Advantages of a Polyurea High-Pressure System?

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There are a number of reasons that high-pressure systems are ideal for polyurea application.  Bedliners can be applied by using either a low-pressure or high-pressure system. That’s not to say that low-pressure equipment won’t work when it comes to some polyurea applications. But for these type of applications, we found that high-pressure is the way to go. We'll explain.

You might be under the misconception that high-pressure systems refer to the air temperature.  Quite the contrary.  When high pressure is used for bedliner applications such as Armadillo Liners, a hot spray is used.  It’s actually the product that is heated up and produces the desired effects.

High-pressure systems have a more immediate curing effect.  The word “curing” is a state-of-the-art term in dealing with all substances using polymer.  Heat is a principal conductor and serves to bring on the required durability expected from superior bedliners.

High-pressure systems make polyurea application a faster process.  It’s not just that drying time is significantly reduced to as low as seven or eight seconds.  High-pressure spray equipment also allows for a more rapid surface application at a higher volume. So if you have a big project, like spraying your warehouse floors, and you need it done now, then a high-pressure system is the way to go.

There’s also the science involved with polyurea.  The viscosity of polymer solutions may be reliant on temperature.  Since they have higher viscosity, it is critical that the proper amount of pressure and heat is part of the application process.

Curious about the process?  Take a look at our video to see how a high-pressure system gets the job done in no time.  The end result will be a hard shell with a promise of excellent protection.

Are There Reasons to Use a Low-Pressure System?

Despite the advantages of high-pressure systems, there are certain applications when it might make sense to use a low-pressure system for polyurea application.  Since high-pressure systems can be a bit expensive, sometimes you will need to buy a low-pressure o system because of budgetary constraints.  Time may not be a factor in completing a job.

Low-pressure systems may be used when it is difficult to bring equipment on the job.  Perhaps there are space issues or your project isn't that big.  There could even be a problem with finding enough power to facilitate operation of the high-pressure system.

There may be times that there is no alternative but to use a low-pressure system for polyurea application.  Concerns may arise about the end result.  Cure time may be longer.  Issues may come up regarding rough surfaces that lack smoothness or the coating didn't spray on as evenly as you had hoped.

Questions Concerning the Differences in Systems?

At Marvel Coatings, we offer years of experience in helping customers determining which methods will work best for them.  Give one of our consultants a call when you’re ready to start your next job.   Polyurea solutions are what makes our company stand out in the industry.   We’ll assist you in selecting the right product and application for superior results!