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Why Outstanding Tech Support is Vital in the Coatings Industry

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It’s a simple concept.  No two businesses are alike.  Likewise, not every coating application follows the same protocol.  That’s the reason that it’s vital to work with a company that offers outstanding technical support for not only its products but for the application of the coating itself.  Couple amazing tech support with a superior product and you have an ideal match. And that's what you get at Marvel Industrial Coatings!

Why is technical support so important to the coatings industry?  First, you need documentation regarding the materials used for the job.  You may need direction concerning surface preparation and how to use the equipment properly.  Training resources are essential to ensure that your workers are safely and efficiently getting the job done. Plus, you need to make sure safety measures are followed properly so no injury or illness occurs.

Tech Support for Coatings Application

There are important considerations when it comes to polyurea coatings application. Evaluation is an important part of determining specifications. This includes planning the job and deciding on the appropriate coating.  Here are some other factors that make an outstanding technical team stand out in the coatings industry:

  • Addressing environmental concerns

  • Evaluating the conditions of the job site

  • Recommending the right coatings and equipment most suitable for application

  • Supplying product information, including Safety Data Sheets

  • Providing testing documentation

  • Training end-users on- or off-site

  • Troubleshooting any coating application or equipment issues

As you most likely know, surface preparation is essential to coating application.  Contractors who work with concrete components will need to prepare surfaces differently than those who are coating steel structures.  Roofers follow an entirely different protocol than others when preparing surfaces for coating.  Humidity is often a consideration in coatings applications.  A good technical support can advise you on preparing surfaces so that the coatings adhere appropriately.

Safety is an obvious concern when it comes to training for coatings applications.  It is important that coating technicians are trained in both the product and use of the applicators.  Furthermore, technical supports advisers can explain the need for protective clothing and equipment when suggested.

If you've never worked with this type of equipment before, you may be a bit confused. It's not like using a spray paint gun! You will need guidance in putting everything together correctly so you get an even coating on the first try. Training and talking with a Marvel professional can help you get everything right!

In most coatings application situations, timing is crucial. You want it done and you want it done now.  A technical support team can recommend the most expeditious way to get the job done.  If the weather is a factor, it pays to speak to an expert so that the coating application produces the best result in the shortest amount of time.

Need Technical Help for Coatings Application?

Marvel Coatings has extensive experience in coatings applications for many industries. Our staff is ready to assist you either online or in person. Have issues or concerns?  Contact us to learn how we can help you.