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Do You Know Why Marvel Customers Really Like Our Spray-On Bedliners?

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We can easily extoll the virtues of spray-on bedliners. After all, we’re sure you expect us to do so.  But, we suspect you’d like to hear why actual customers really like spray-on bedliners.

Many types of end-users take advantage of spray-on bedliners to enhance their vehicles.  This can include private passenger pickups and those used for commercial purposes.  Fleets of different size vehicles are also equipped with spray-on bedliners. After all, spray-on bedliners not only make your truck look fabulous but also protect your vehicle from any damage such as corrosion, rust, or scratches. Marvel Industrial Coatings' Armadillo Liners are cited as a favorite for a variety of reasons.

Reviews on Spray-On Bedliners

Take the customer who went for an Armadillo Liner for his 2016 Ford F150.  It wasn’t just that the liner actually added to the truck’s appearance.  He’s confident that his truck bed will be well protected.  After all, the liner adds a hard protective shell.  It will work against any assault to the back of the truck.  Yes, combat against dents and scratches. For someone who is hauling heavy material on daily basis, this is definitely a huge benefit and will extend the life of his truck for years to come.

Other reviews concerning spray-on bedliners consider installation as an important component part of the process.  In fact, some say that working with someone who has expertise is as essential as a superior product.  The advantage of working with Marvel Coatings is that you are assured of help with installation. If you never worked with the spray-on equipment before, it can be somewhat tricky. This is why we have staff ready to help. All you need is to give us a call or contact us online and we can walk you through any issues you may face.

Color matching is critical to the appearance of bedliners.  Nothing is worse than having, say, a bright red truck and not have the bed color to match! A customer actually confided to us that his neighbor was visibly envious of his truck bed’s added sheen. It looked like the Armadillo Liner was originally part of the truck! You would never know that it was added later. There was nothing dull about the color and it was maintenance free.

Corrosive materials are well-known for the harm they can cause to vehicles.  And, of course, there’s the issue with waterproofing.  More than one spray-on bedliner end user has been pleased with the way an Armadillo Liner gave them the protection they needed. Our customers rave about the protection to their truck's bed and we've had several repeat customers whenever they get a new vehicle.

We Can Help You Select a Spray-on Bedliner

In looking at customer reviews, it’s apparent that a few factors are important when it comes to selecting an Armadillo Liner for your vehicle.  One is obviously a superior product.  However, both technological and customer support are also crucial.  We pride ourselves on all of these considerations at Marvel CoatingsGive us a call to see how we can help!