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Top Five Reasons You Need to Own Spray-On Equipment

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You’ve sold your customer on the concept of spray-on bedliners.  You call your outside source to tell them you are sending a job over.  They tell you that they are backed up.  What now?  If only you owned your own spray-on equipment!

You are not alone.  It’s a frustration that many dealers and auto shops face.  You sell the benefits of spray-on liners.  After all, you’re the one with the customer relationship.  You did your part, and you are ready to go on to the next sale.  There can be an assortment of other customer service issues.  But since you have to outsource, you have to wait on the other company. Delays look bad on you and your business, not the ones who are doing the spraying! But is the price right? Is it worth buying the equipment yourself? We’ll tell you just why you are better off owning your spray-on bedliner equipment.

Benefits of Owning Spray-on Bedliner Equipment

Obviously, if you make the determination to keep spray-on bedliners in-house, you need a couple of things.  You need quality equipment, such as that offered by Marvel Coatings.  You will need a complete system tailored to your needs.  We’ll help you determine whether an air, electric or hydraulic model is best suited to get you the results guaranteed to please customers.

You’ll also benefit from some technical training.  That’s something we consider crucial at Marvel Coatings.  We guide our customers through the process and also coach them on safety issues, especially if they never used this equipment before.

There are many advantages to owning your own spray-on equipment instead of outsourcing.  Let’s go through our top five reasons:

  1. Keep the customer in-house: Why mark up prices so that you can outsource spraying on the bedliner and make less money?  It makes more sense to keep the revenue for your business.  The cost of the equipment will pay for itself in no time.

  2. Control your schedule: If you send out bedliner work to an outside vendor, you must follow their timeframes. This may mean it could take weeks for a job that should only take a few hours. Wouldn’t it be easier to control your own schedule?

  3. Ensure quality control: When you do your own spray-on liners, it’s simpler to ensure quality control.  You can work with your team to make sure the job is done right.  That’s far easier than assigning the task to someone who doesn’t actually work for you.

  4. Know what product is used: Not all spray-on bedliners are alike.  When you own your spray-on equipment, you know what product is being used.  And, if it’s from Marvel Coatings, you can be confident of superior

  5. Increase customer satisfaction: Getting the job done faster and more efficiently is always a good thing. Increased customer satisfaction almost always means more referral work.

Have Questions about Spray-On Liner Equipment?

Does your business send out spray-on bedliner work?  The advantages of keeping the work in-house speak for themselves.  Have questions?  Contact us to see how owning your own spray-on equipment can work for you.