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Why a Spray-on Really Makes the Most Sense as a Bedliner

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You have many reasons for wanting a bedliner for your truck.  You want to protect the surface from any type of damage.  You consider it an investment for resale purposes.  But, why does a spray-on bedliner make the most sense?  Aren’t there other alternatives that work just as well, if not better?

Some consider the plastic drop-in liners as an option in place of spray-on liners. They believe the drop-in liner is not only cheaper but just as effective as a spray-on. Others order customized mats or use carpeting to protect their truck beds.  These solutions may be initially less expensive than spray-on bedliners. However, their long-term effectiveness may not be worth much in the end.

Spray-On Bedliners Compared to Other Bedliners

The advantage of a spray-on bedliner is not only that it is durable and protective.  Spray-on bedliners come in different colors and have several benefits.  Among them are the ability to eliminate rust and corrosion.  A spray-on bedliner such as Marvel’s Armadillo Liner is also impact resistant.  The bedliner makes an impressive appearance and ensures that the surface remains scratch resistant for the rest of its life.

Why are spray-on bedliners preferable to other types?  Let’s start with the plastic drop-in bedliners.  They are sized to fit into the truck bed.  However, it is necessary to bolt them in place.  This requires drilling holes, which could contribute to scratching the exterior of the vehicle.  Plastic drop-ins are not nearly as durable as spray-ons.  Some plastic drop-ins are only designed to cover the floor of the truck bed.

There are other issues with plastic drop-in liners.  As with any add-on, they can become loose.  Plastic also has a tendency to crack more brittle it gets. Which means as time goes on, and the more exposure it gets to the heat, the plastic will become more and more brittle. If the plastic drop-in liner rips, you run the risk of damage to your vehicle.  Sad, since it was the reason you installed the liner in the first place.

If water becomes trapped between the plastic liner and the truck bed, you could also experience additional problems. such as rusting or corrosion which can not only weaken the truck bed but damage the resale value.  The same is not true for an Armadillo Liner.  Water has no effect on them.

Customized mats and rugs are also used as bedliners.  Generally, they only cover the floor of the truck bed and provide little protection. Many of the same issues that come up with plastic drop-ins are even worse when using mats or rugs. And although they will protect your floor, what about the sides of the bed? They can easily get scratched or damage as well. No, the only option for you is to get an Armadillo Liner from Marvel.

Learn More about Armadillo Liners

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