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How Body Shops Actually Profit from Spray-on Bedliners

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If you’re like most body shop owners, you have a few goals.  One is clearly to make a profit.  Obviously, you advance your reputation by producing top notch work. Auto body shops are finding some extra money in providing spray-on bedliners. Also, there is increased customer satisfaction, with the potential for more referral work.

Most body shops do a great deal of insurance-related claim jobs.  Work is often intended for repairs after a collision.  The goal is to return the vehicle to the shape it was in before the accident.  Spray-on bedliners can certainly be enlisted as part of the process.  They can even make a damaged truck suddenly look new.

There is another perspective that some body shops consider as a service to their customers.  Even when their vehicle has not been involved in an accident, most truck owners recognize the value in spray-on bedliners.  The protective coating shields against abrasions, scratches, and corrosions.  It also adds to the vehicle’s attractiveness and resale value.

Body Shops and Spray-on Bedliners

At Marvel Coatings, we find that both auto body shops and car dealers recognize the value of spray-on bedliners.  Armadillo Liners are well known in the industry.  They are affordable and come with a lifetime guarantee.  This is important to the business model of most auto body shops.  It is not unusual for other companies to only offer limited warranties.

Spray-on bedliners are not only used in pickups or larger trucks.  Body shops are also asked to apply them to other vehicles as well.  For example, in a Jeep Wrangler forum, the customer was pleased with the cost and efficiency of the product application.  The same individual returned to the forum to state his continued satisfaction that the coating added to his vehicle’s appearance.

Some consumers will attempt to spray on their own bedliners.  Of course, this is an option.  There are plenty of DIY kits available to consumers.  However, customers may not feel comfortable enough to use these types of chemicals and are afraid to mess things up. So when the process is affordable, many customers feel more confident securing the services of a body shop or dealer.  Here are some reasons why:

  • Proper process preparation

  • Understanding whether pure polyurea, polyurea hybrids or polyurethane systems are the preferred solutions

  • Color selection to match the paint job of the vehicle

  • Professional application

  • Accountability

Body shop owners find others ways to promote spray-on bedliners.  The tough coating adds to durability.  It also makes it easier to clean, particularly when chemical spills would otherwise permanently damage the vehicle.

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Could offering spray-on bedliners increase profits for your body shop?  Why not find out?  Contact us to learn more about how Marvel Coatings and our product offerings.