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Protective Coatings Make Good Sense in Security and Defense

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The security and defense industry identification directly correlates to strength.  Therefore, it makes good sense to ensure that equipment used to protect the citizens of this great nation is not endangered.  How better to do that than using a protective coating from Marvel Industrial Coatings?

If you are a purchasing agent in the security and defense industries, it is important that you have all the facts when completing your RFP documentation.  You need coating products that are superior and well respected in the industry.  Competitive pricing is a consideration, as well as a company who offers a solid customer experience. Here's how we can help your industry with our spray-on protective coating products.

Coatings Applications within Security and Defense

The security and defense industry is exposed to different environments and often works in adverse situations. One day you could be in desert-like conditions, the next in fridge temperatures. Conservation is integral to maintaining both dollars and safety. What you need is a coating that can not only protect your investments but can provide a barrier from the elements.

At Marvel Coatings, we can help you do a needs assessment regarding protective coatings.  Let’s go through some of the applications that apply to security and defense:

  • Infrastructure: Our spray-on polyurea coatings can help protect your buildings in a war zone. It can be a shield against bomb blasts and can constrict and expand with the changes in temperature. You can also use our spray-on foam insulation to prevent air leakage and provide waterproofing needs.

  • Vehicles:  Discover the benefits of spray-on bed liners such as Marvel’s Armadillo Liner. They can protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion by weather.

  • Military and Civilian Use: Protective coatings combat corrosion and increase longevity. It can also act as a shield to protect soldiers as well as civilians from shrapnel caused by an explosion.

  • Equipment – Give your equipment extra durability to make it withstand acts of nature and time. Just like its use in infrastructure, our polyurea solution can expand and contract with the temperature, which can create a watertight seal. It will also protect your equipment from constant sunlight.

Polyurea is durable and resistant to many types of abrasion.  The fact that polyurea coatings are impact resistant is also imperative.  Dent and scratches not only create blemishes to military equipment.  They may cause other issues.

Noise and vibration are also considerations for security and defense.  Protective coatings are also a useful application when it comes to these concerns. For instance, a spray-on bed liner can soften the vibration noise from a rough road.

In considering protective coatings, it is also important to understand the application.  It is imperative to work with a company that offers professional guidance.  Learn the safe way to use protective coatings or have an experienced contractor do the work for you.

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Are you considering using protective coatings in the security and defense industry?  Find out how Marvel Coatings’ experts can help you.  Contact us to discuss your prospective uses.