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Protect You Truck This Holiday Season With an Armadillo Liner

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It's the holiday season once again which also means it's the start of winter. Although here in Houston we don't have worry so much about the ice and snow that other parts of the country are dealing with. However, that doesn't mean the winter weather avoid our neck of the woods. We do have our fair share of freezing rain and ice storms. And that's why it's essential to protect your the bed of your truck during the wintertime.

Why do you need to protect the bed of your truck? After all, the truck bed is meant to haul around items that can cause damage. But there are quite a few reasons why you should protect your bed with an Armadillo Liner from Marvel Industrial Coatings. For instance, we already discussed how a spray-on liner can improve the resale value of your truck. But, it can also protect your bed from the harsh elements that winter brings.

Your truck bed is exposed to all types of weather issues such as sun, rain, sleet, ice, and yes even the occasional snow storm. But that's not all – high and frigid temperatures, as well as road salt, can affect the bed of the truck. Weather exposure can do some damage to your truck's paint. For instance, direct sunlight can make the paint fade. Rain can cause corrosion and rust to form. Hail storms can cause scratches and dents. And once there's a scratch, the weather and anything that you're hauling can widen the damage, creating holes and rusted spots. And once rust starts, it's only a matter of time.

Now if you have a drop-in bed liner, don't think that's going to protect your truck. As we've said before, a drop-in liner can only protect your vehicle so much and is not much use in the winter weather. Rain, snow, and ice can easily sneak underneath that drop-in liner and the closed up space can easily corrode and cause rust to your bed. And you may not know about it until you take that bed liner out. Oh, the pain!

That's why a spray-on liner is so important to your vehicle. Not only does it have a watertight seal that protects your truck bed from the winter weather, but it can also hide any scratches or dents. And with an Armadillo Liner from Marvel Coatings, we can match the paint of your truck so it looks like that spray-on liner was there when you first got the truck. Our Armadillo spray-on liner can last for years, is resistant to scratches, and will give your truck the protection that it deserves.

So treat yourself this holiday season and get an Armadillo Liner from Marvel. You won't regret it. Contact us today for more information.

From all of us here at Marvel Industrial Coatings, we would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season and have a wonderful 2017!